“MTO” (undisclosed location in Europe)
MTO is a contemporary French artist who has created some of Europe’s most iconic murals. MTO is best known for his hyperrealistic, larger-than-life portraits. Most are black and white with the odd splash of color incorporated. He has been featured in multiple books, newspapers, magazines, videos and blogs. His only other work in the USA has been in New Orleans, LA and Sarasota, FL. His mural, “Milwaukee’s BUG” was the first-ever piece of art commissioned for the Black Cat Alley.

“CERA” (Philadelphia, PA)
“As a mural artist, I aim to abstract the figure by fragmenting portions of the face and embellishing with pattern work. The piece will consist of multiple faces and figures, highlighting Milwaukee’s racial and cultural diversity. I am very comfortable working at the largest scale available and will execute the painting with Montana’s acrylic spray paint. I primarily grew up in and around Milwaukee, spending 11 years there, and only recently moved to Philadelphia. I’d really look forward to working with this project because I’ve seen a lot of potential for street art and mural arts in Milwaukee over the years.”

John Kowalczyk
A native of Chicago, John was the artist in residence with the Around the Coyote Gallery in 2006. After receiving his BFA in painting from MIAD in 2010, Kowalczyk began his residency with RedLine Milwaukee where he holds a studio. He has participated in exhibitions at the Jackpot Gallery, Borg Ward Collective, American Fantasy Classics, the Sienna Art Institute in Italy, and the Charles Allis Art Museum, among others.

Jenny Jo Kristan
Jenny Jo is an artist, maker and illustrator from Milwaukee. She recently completed a large mural installation at the Sky High Skate Shop and Gallery in Bay View. Her artworks are available on Etsy, as well as in shops like HotPop, Sparrow Collective and the Waxwing.

Renee Aless Martinez, printmaking major, MIAD
Renee is a Texas native pursuing her studies in printmaking at MIAD. She has proposed a series of wheat-paste artworks that will be different from the other more traditional murals in that they will be printed in a studio and applied semi-permanently to the walls of the Black Cat Alley. Renee is the only student from MIAD to be juried into the 2016 cohort of artists.

Ian McGibbon, painting major, UWM
Ian McGibbon, a UWM senior studying art and design, will be painting a contemporary painting consistent with the expressive style he has cultivated in his student portfolio. Recently, Ian worked with seniors at the Eastcastle Place in their Student Artists in Residence program, an unusual partnership that brought students from UWM together with older adults to create art.

Brandon Minga
A Wisconsin native and a graduate of MIAD, Brandon Minga is a multi-media artist who explores the parallels between technology and the mortal condition. Layering wood, paint, graphite, paper, giclée prints and found objects together into intricate compositions, he melds nature and artifice into surreal worlds of organic automatons and living structure. Currently, he is the artist-in-residence at Flux Design, a design/build firm, and exhibits with their gallery, Gallery326.

Jeff Redmon
Jeff Redmon is a Milwaukee-based artist focused on creating abstract paintings and drawings, but also works in printmaking, collage, digital imagery and experimental art with found objects. Redmon explores the depths of his subconscious, creating bold abstractions through the use of expressive line, vibrant color, pattern and composition. His abstract work tests the imagination of the viewer, many having unique interpretations, insights and connections to the art.

Bunnie Reiss (Los Angeles, CA)
Overview: Bunnie ‘Bonnie’ Reiss creates to bring together. Materials, community, cultures, experiences, the past and the present, are all part of her visual catalog. She wishes to map out unusual lives, find hidden and forgotten places, build a unique visual history, and weave it all together as one. She is a natural storyteller, time-traveler and lover of all that is us, and she lives in a world filled with magic and imagination.

Tia Richardson
Tia’s primary focus as an artist is to serve as a resource for schools, churches, community organizations and non-profits. She facilitates community-led murals; bookmaking, story-writing and illustration programs. Some of her common themes including building healthy self-esteem; creative community empowerment; the environment and academics. In December 2015 she gave a TEDx UW-Milwaukee talk about how community art reinforces being more empathetic and cooperative with one another.

Adam James Stoner
Originally from North Carolina and now an illustrator, painter and opera-stage-set maker in Milwaukee, Adam engages the audience with his mixed medium paintings that capture emotions and spark curiosity. Adam’s proposed mural addresses Milwaukee’s painful legacy of incarcerating a higher percentage of black men than any other city, yet his handling of this sensitive subject is poignant and impactful.
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