Thank you for your interest in the Black Cat Alley project. Whether you are interested in becoming a sponsor, a volunteer, or an artist, or just have a question about the project, we want to talk to you. If you prefer to call, please call Kristin at (414) 272-5823.

See FAQs below, or send us a message.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)


Q: Will the artists be required to work on site for those 7 days in Sept?
A: Yes, we are planning the installation of the Mural Alley to be a 7-day event, in order for us to be able to provide supplies, food, equipment and assistance to everyone working on the project at once. This will also create a great event for the public to enjoy. Artists must consider this timeframe of September 11-17 when applying for the sponsorship.

Q. Will the mural go directly on the wall? If so, will these areas be prepped/primed before the date?
A: Yes, murals are to be painted directly on the walls of the alley. Many things depend on sponsorship levels. We will certainly commit to scaffolding and/or man lifts (also known as “cherry pickers”) if the event is to be held, but whether or not we can provide wall prep is uncertain. We certainly hope to be able to source enough helpers and supplies to make this happen; otherwise, artists should plan on working with the surface as-is.

Q. What if my artwork is tagged by graffiti after it’s installed?
A. We cannot supervise the alley 24/7, and it is of course located in a public, outdoor place. Things do happen. However, most neighborhood experts agree that there is a certain “honor code” among taggers, and as a general rule taggers are more likely to hit “blank” walls than existing works of art. If, however, one of the murals is damaged to an extent that the Artist would like to come in and repair the piece, we ask Artists to contact us directly and schedule a time to come in and do the necessary repairs. We will try to help in any way we can.


Q: How can companies become sponsors?
A: We are going to be getting lots of media coverage so we can offer some really sweet logo placements and exposure in exchange for corporate sponsorships. If it weren’t for our sponsors we would be unable to pull of an event of this size and impact! Please contact Stacey at (414) 477-7282 if you’d like a sponsorship packet or even better, a custom presentation for your marketing team.

Q: What sort of volunteer jobs are available?
A: All kinds! We need assistant artists—preferably students—who can assist the pros with their equipment, and perhaps even the murals themselves. We need people to serve food, to answer questions at the event, to help with media campaigns, and to help with set-up & tear-down. Basically, if you want to get involved, we will find a place for you that’s rewarding and fun!

Q: How can individuals donate?
A: We do not currently have a Kickstarter or similar micro-funding platform available, but we DO have a simple Paypal donation form. Our fiscal recipient for this effort is the East Side BID on Prospect Avenue, and they are able to receive donations at any time, including credit cards over the phone. Please contact Kristin Godfrey at (414) 272-5823.