We have multiple levels of sponsorship available to businesses and individuals wishing to make a media impact this summer and fall. We will have plenty of places to emblazon a sponsor’s name alongside monumental works of art, on social media, on-site, and in the news. Sponsors will enjoy chances to meet the artists, get behind-the-scenes, and promote their brands, all at once.

The visiting and local artists are going to need plenty of support to make this dream a reality! We will need artists’ assistants, volunteers, and donations of food and supplies from our community. Please peruse through our opportunities for in-kind sponsors to see how you might get in on the behind-the-scenes action.

Corporate sponsors at a variety of levels will enjoy pre-event media attention. We will be holding a Gala Fundraiser in the Spring featuring multiple entertainment attractions, and corporate sponsors will be able to post signage, pass out merch, or even set up a booth to get the word out. Please download the PDF below in order to see in detail the levels of sponsorship.

During the installation week (September 2016), Corporate Sponsors will be able to associate their name and logo with monumental street art in a variety of ways. Logos and merch can appear on signage, on the Artist and Volunteer T-shirts, on brochures and other items at the information booths, and more. Tents may be set up at installation week for visitors to stop by.

We can also offer corporate sponsors placement on this website, our Facebook page, and other social media. The event will be captured and spread as a viral video, which will include corporate thank-yous in the credits. We anticipate mainstream media will also be covering the event and the final venue in much detail.

Calling all art lovers and community activists! It’s impossible to pull off an event of this size and magnitude without the support of a big ol’ team of volunteers. You’ll get to know the artists, the locals, and a whole squad of organizers who— like you—want to see a project of this cultural magnitude happen right here in Milwaukee. Be a part of it, get the T-shirt!

The Black Cat Mural Alley is going to host some of the greatest street artists in the USA,and maybe beyond. Would you or your organization enjoy meeting these professionals? This is a perfect opportunity for an art supply store, art student, art educator or art institution to get involved with this project and reap the benefits of being in the thick of the creative action.

This place will only get the community engagement it deserves if we tell the world about it. Let’s get the community engaged, and do an amazing job of repaying our sponsors, by spreading the word as best we can. We welcome help from PR pros, designers, videographers, photographers, social media gurus… tell us your talent!